Conservation Efforts

Conservation Efforts

Embracing the Spirit of Conservation through Education

At Safari West we strive to promote the most thorough understanding of the natural world.

Our facility does this by promoting educational opportunities such as conservation education events, guest lecturers, and educational internship opportunities for students of all ages.

Established early on as grade school excursions, our trademark safari tours present guests with an entertaining and academic adventure covering many of the fundamental and advanced aspects of environmental studies from behavioral ecology, through evolutionary theory, and most importantly conservation.

Aside from our tours, Safari West continues to promote education with hands on training and research in various scientific fields. Through our Wildlife Foundation we support student researchers in their ongoing ambition to work with these animals in their natural environments. This task is not only sponsored by the Foundation, but students are actively trained on property in the fields of physiology, anatomy, and ethology.

Along with our volunteer researchers we actively invite up-and-coming veterinary students to pursue internships in an unequaled environment. Inspiring the public and training the inspired is just one of the ways that we at Safari West promote conservation for the future of the natural world.

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Please check out our Calendar of Lectures and Happenings page to see when we will have conservationist come to give presentations in the Elephant Room at 8:00PM. These presentations are free to our dinner and overnight guest.

For further information about our Research Education and Conservation program please contact our REC Programs Manager, Danny Cusimano.

For further information about our conservation speaker program please contact our Conservation Liasion and Speaker Coordinator Marie Martinez at or you can call her direct line at 707-566-3623.

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