Research and Internship Opportunities

Research and Internship Opportunities

Research and Internship Opportunities

The mission of Safari West is to actively promote conservation, environmental education, and share knowledge that will help each individual make personal choices in regards to the environment and conservation efforts. Our research and internship opportunities are one of the ways we make this possible; we are able to advance interest and knowledge in wildlife and assist in creating advocates for the environment. Safari West is able to provide a competitive, convenient and educational cost effective experience that allows students and academic institutions to gain valuable skills and knowledge in a variety of fields. We are happy to be able to open our doors to qualified and passionate students trying to gain the necessary skills for a career in wildlife. To share and celebrate our advancement in knowledge we will be holding an annual research and internship symposium for our devoted students to share their learnings with the staff and public.

Observational Research

Safari West is a 400 acre wildlife preserve housing over 1000 animals. Many of our animals are housed in mixed species exhibits allowing us to have a unique and naturalistic facility. Our staff is always looking for opportunities to better understand our residents, enrich their lives and provide progressive animal welfare. We cherish the drive and curiosity of student researchers to aid in our comprehension of these complex animals. Such research has offered insight into social patterns, health, reproductive behavior and exhibit structure. The projects that take place on our property are student driven but require the oversight and involvement of a departmental advisor. Through a collaboration with universities and our animal staff, we are able to come up with innovative research questions to explore. We also always welcome new project proposals that are applicable to the species we house in our collection. Our staff is devoted to obtaining a solid grasp of all aspects that go into caring for exotic wildlife. Any undergraduate or graduate students, professors or university departments who are interested in research opportunities are encouraged to contact Erika Mittelman at


Safari West offers a dynamic, educational and innovative internship for students. You will have the opportunity to work in a unique environment with a wide variety of species. Students can apply for our animal husbandry, observational animal behavior or osteology internship. Each internship opportunity has been specifically designed to provide the most enriching educational experience possible. Interns will be able to attend lunchtime “Fuel Your Mind” instructive sessions held by Safari West staff. Students interested in these opportunities are encouraged to review the outline and requirements for each program before they inquire.

Internship Application Requirements:

Applicants must be 18 years of age. At this time we are unable to offer housing accommodations, therefore housing and transportation are at the cost and responsibility of the intern. The intern must have reliable means to get to Safari West consistently before committing.

There are two internship periods available for the Animal Husbandry and Observational Animal Behavior internships. Osteology internships are only offered during the summer. Completed internships are based off of fulfillment of designated hour requirement. Official start and end dates are flexible and will be determined by the students’ schedule.

Summer internship dates: June – September; Application deadline – April 1st

Winter internship dates: November – February; Application deadline – September 1st

Please send a completed application, resume and short cover letter, highlighting relevant experience, to Erika Mittelman at Not all applicants will be offered an internship position due to the high volume of qualified candidates who apply. We strongly encourage applicants who did not receive an internship position to re-apply. All applicants will be notified of our decision by email or phone.

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