School Field Trips

School Field Trips

The Adventurous School Field Trips at Safari West

…is a field trip like no other!

Minimum of 20 people
One teacher per class free; Students (K-12) $15 per person; Adult Chaperones: $20 per person.
(One chaperone needed for every 7-10 children.)

Available only during the school calendar year, excluding June, July and August.

This is the same tour as the Group Safari Trek, but only available to school classes K-12 and it is geared towards education and conservation. Teachers may book these field trips through our guest services. Please check for availability by emailing

Please note: Home School Programs must follow the same protocol as field trips for school classes K-12: No more than 1 adult for every 7 children. Please, no siblings and/or additional family members.

School field trips prices are not available to general youth organizations. Youth Organizations may book directly with our Group Department.

This is a 90-minute adventure field trip led by one of our naturalists. Students and chaperones will either walk first or board the Nairobi Bus or the African Queen, which is a 25-foot long trailer adapted with benches and a safari style canvas roof for a journey through our savannah grasslands. The walking portion of the tour allows students to explore on foot! Together with a guide, you will walk through our inner compound, where you’ll encounter giraffe, primates, and birds in our open-air aviary!

This field trip excursion can accommodate groups up to 90 students. Please also note that these adventures are weather permitting, especially the African Queen safari trek. If we cannot do the driving portion of your field trip, we will still try and do the walking portion and add other fun activities.

All school field trips, with the exception of Discover Africa need to be booked through our guest services at Safari West. We recommend you email us first to check availability.

All field trips are by advance reservation only.

Once reserved with our guest services, please call to confirm your arrival one week before your field trip. Bag lunches are permitted on the grassy area.

Discover Africa

Teaching children to appreciate wildlife and nature.

If you teach in an underfunded school, your class may be eligible for a Discover Africa scholarship funded by the Safari West Wildlife Foundation.

For more information please go to Safari West Foundation website.