Gift Gallery

Gift Gallery

Welcome to the Wilds of the Safari West Gift Gallery…

Stop by the Gift Gallery and discover exotic gifts, authentic African art and artifacts.

Look for engaging toys and games and venture deeper into our shopping Serengeti for unique jewelry and more. There’s plenty to stimulate the imagination!

Discover exotic gifts in their natural habitat…
An assortment of exquisitely crafted baskets at our Gift Gallery will thrill anyone interested in fine handcrafts and textiles; especially gorgeous are the new coiled baskets from Kenya. And don’t forget to see the amazing collection of masks, just in from West Africa. There are beautifully carved Guro masks from the Ivory Coast and unusual Marka masks from Mali, just to name a few.

Turn your shopping into a fun and exciting wild safari adventure. Featuring unique gifts from around the world for adults and children! Our gifts and treasures all relate to African animals, and our animals in particular.

Just for kids…
The Children’s Jungle features plush models of many animals. In the Jungle, snakes hang from the rafter-lianas and small fuzzy zebra and giraffe run amok! Your children will delight in the miniature animal collections and will spend many hours absorbed in a game of Animalopoly.

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