Our Story

Our Story

 Safari West Wildlife Preserve and African Tented Camp

Our story starts in the heart of California’s wine country… in the fields of wheat-colored grass, on the slopes of rolling green hills, among the trees and ranches and vineyards is where you will find the essence and spirit of Africa.

Not a drive through park…this is the home of Nancy and Peter Lang.

Come through our gate and be transported into an exotic, new world. A captivating tapestry of raw sounds and earthy smells; a magic place with the sights and sounds of the Serengeti where the air is filled with melodious chirps from the aviary, squawking calls from gregarious parrots, and a occasional lemur screech. An African style oasis where guests experience a rare sense of freedom and gain renewed inspiration.

The natural world awaits you…

Faster is not always better. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, instant communication and instant gratification, Safari West stands as a tangible testament to the joy of the natural world, where the pace of life is dictated not by deadlines, but by nature.

Nestled on 400 acres in the heart of California’s wine country, Safari West is home for over 900 exotic mammals and birds and approximately 90 species. We are a wildlife preserve where the whole family can experience some of nature’s most beautiful animals in a natural habitat.

Founded in 1993 by Peter and Nancy Lang, Safari West started offering authentic African safaris on July 4th of that year.  At the time of opening, the park had 150 acres of enclosures that allowed naturalists to promote wildlife advocacy and conservation by providing three-hour educational excursions. In 2010 Safari West gained full accreditation in the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, one of only six private facilities in North America to belong to that prestigious organization. The ongoing mission of Safari West is wildlife preservation through breeding, education, research and public interaction.

Since its founding, Safari West has grown from a small safari based operation, serving several hundred visitors to a premier educational facility.  Safari West’s continual growth and evolution were carefully steered during the past two decades by Peter and Nancy Lang.  In addition to the safari excursions, guests have an opportunity to experience African style tent camping.  Sourced in Ladysmith, South Africa by the Langs, the luxury tents allow visitors a unique adventure to sleep while surrounded by herds of African animals.  Now with over 75,000 annual visitors, Safari West was rated by AAA second only to Disney Land as a must experience location in California.

This year, Safari West has been declared the “Best Family Fun” destination in the West by Sunset magazine. “To be a winner for a Sunset Travel Award puts you among a group of elite A-list destinations and experiences,” note the editors at Sunset. “This destination represents an unparalleled experience for any Western traveler.”

Now, as we celebrate the first 20 years, we use this milestone to continue our mission, defining Safari West as a destination that puts an emphasis on conservation, wildlife advocacy and education through first hand safari tour encounters, and luxury tent accommodations amidst the world’s most exotic animals.

What happens at Safari West?

Safari West serves two important functions: first and foremost, we are a wildlife preserve, with several important ongoing projects such as:

  • The propagation of endangered species. Safari West is the home of zebras, giraffes, cheetahs and many more exotic creatures.
  • Under the directorship of Nancy Lang, Safari West is breeding several endangered bird species.
  • Several Research and Conservation programs are ongoing: Conservation through Education.

But Safari West is more than a preserve. We are dedicated to raising awareness of our exotic neighbors and promoting understanding through in-person contact. That’s why we offer safaris year-round. If your only experience with a zebra or giraffe has been at a zoo, you should see these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. You owe it to yourself, and to them.

“It is not often that a person’s vocation matches his passion. But, when it does…the result is excellent.”