Our Tall Friends

Our Tall Friends

Our Giraffe Herd just got bigger!

Guests journeying to Safari West can get nose to nose with one of the largest giraffe herds in the country as they explore Wild Africa right in California.

Kulula, the orphaned giraffe featured on Animal Planet's Growing Up Giraffe, has given birth to a beautiful bundle of gangly giraffe limbs! Zola, born October 15th is the latest member of a growing menagerie of giraffes here at Safari West! From the minute she stuck her neck out, Zola has been enjoying the center of attention!

Zola (meaning love) is a reticulated giraffe. Giraffe are the tallest animals in the world - as a rule, they stand up to 18 feet high, and their height gives them an edge for viewing the world - indeed - things must look different up where they are!  And, while they wear a sweet ironic smile on their faces, you musn't approach a giraffe lightly. They have legs that last forever and very powerful!  They can shatter the heads of their natural enemies with one swift kick of their formidable feet. Their strength is important to remember when they reach down to nuzzle your hands...their gentle eyes may be fringed with enormous lashes - but you never want to engage them in a necking contest!

This makes the 18th baby born at Safari West - and, we now have a tower of thirteen giraffes!