Wild Manners


Rules, Safety, and Etiquette

Safari West is home of more than 800 wild animals, with all their natural behaviors and instincts. They are not trained pets, and so we must act in accordance with their world rather than expecting them to understand ours.

We are pleased to offer you a truly enjoyable and memorable adventure on the Sonoma Serengeti, so to get the most from your visit, please keep these few common-sense safety rules in mind and practice your wild manners.

Respect our Wild Friends

  • Please stay at least three feet back from the animal enclosures.
  • These animals are not to be touched. Be especially aware of children who may not understand that these animals are not like your pets at home. They may bite, kick or otherwise defend themselves if startled.
  • If you see anyone harassing the animals, throwing objects or poking sticks into the animal enclosures or teasing them in any way, please alert a staff member immediately.
  • Never feed the animals. They eat special diets in the wild, and the Safari West animal staff sees that they enjoy the same appropriate foods here. Snacks that you love can be harmful to them.
  • No running! The animals interpret running as a sign of danger and are likely to panic and hurt themselves.

Safari Truck Etiquette

Safari West recycles! Throughout the lower area of the preserve are recycling bins. Please save your plastic water bottles, soft drink cans and other recyclables until you can dispose them in a bin.

Our safari trucks are double-decker, and there’s minimum height requirement of 45 inches for those who wish to sit on the top. Children who meet that requirement must also be accompanied by an adult unless they are at least 15 years old. Our guides stop occasionally along the drive to allow seat changes so that everyone who wants a top-tier ride will get a turn.

Lost and Found

Safari West maintains a Lost and Found Location at the front office, so if you lose (or find) anything, please check with us there.


Wild Manners