Patas Monkey Gizmo Jaxon

By popular vote, his name is Gizmo!

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Welcome Gizmo Jaxon!

On August 5th, Izze and Maurice welcomed their second bundle of joy born at Safari West, and it’s a boy — Gizmo Jaxon! Safari West typically names its animals, but this time we wanted to invite the public to come up with one for our new baby monkey. “Giving a name to the animal creates a personal connection which we hope will encourage people to live their lives in a way that protects the world in which we live,” said Maria Barbera, Safari West Animal Collection Manager. Like people, a stranger is only a stranger until you know their name. Gizmo Jaxon is such an adorable little monkey!

So load the camera, bring the zoom, and get ready to celebrate all of our true miracles of nature. Stop by soon, kids grow up so fast these days!

Jared Paddock

Jared Paddock

Safari West staff and conservation writer.