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Every year, as the chill and wet of winter gives way to the greenery and blue skies of spring, Safari West blooms. Exotic birds begin nesting, many of our antelope give birth, and the tents reopen for another season of luxury and adventure.

One of the surest signs that spring has truly arrived comes in the form of our Nairobi minibus and the African Queen; our river-boat of a trailer. The two specialty built conveyances go to work in the spring, taking class after class of curious, excitable children out to meet our vast herds. We call these excursions “treks” and they are the heart and soul of Safari West.

From the very beginning, we’ve been inviting teachers to bring their classes here so we can introduce their students to a world of wonder. With a curriculum that adheres to California State Science Content Standards and an emphasis on biology and conservation, our treks provide a unique opportunity to take the classroom experience to the outdoors.

The Safari West trek program has grown in scope and effectiveness with each passing year and so too has the number of classes participating in it. This expansion has been helped in no small part by the work of the Safari West Wildlife Foundation. The Foundation runs a very special program which works in conjunction with our treks.

Called Discover Africa, this amazing program utilizes funds raised by the Foundation to finance underserved schools that might not otherwise be able to take part in our treks. Thanks to the generosity of our donors the Discover Africa program has also grown year by year. We’re seeing more kids than ever before!

Next time you visit Safari West, keep an eye peeled for the Nairobi and African Queen. If you spot either, chances are they’ll be loaded up with fascinated and excited children heading out to explore the Sonoma Serengeti and learn about the wonders of this big, wide, wild world.

Jared Paddock

Jared Paddock

Safari West staff and conservation writer.