Baby Giraffe Tarra by Cheryl Crowley

Baby Tarra Joins the Tower!


Giraffe Tarra by Karen O'Connor

Happy Birthday!

For the second time in 2017, Safari West proudly announces the arrival of a bouncing baby giraffe! Our proud mama and attending keepers welcomed baby Tarra on Wednesday, July 26th.

Though she’s already taller than most of our staff, at 5-feet, 1-inches and 125 lbs tiny Tarra is petite for a giraffe. Her proud parents—Mama Malaika and Papa Kopi—are both Sonoma County natives, born right here at Safari West.

While Tarra gets used to her surroundings, she and Malaika will relax in the lot near the giraffe barn. The long necks of the other giraffes stretching down to meet the new arrival should pretty well signal her whereabouts. Soon enough, mom and daughter will venture into the giraffe lot so Tarra can start learning the ways of her herd.

Come down to Safari West this summer to meet Tarra and the rest of our tower of towering giraffes!

Jared Paddock

Safari West staff and conservation writer.


Baby Tarra Joins the Tower!