A Name for Number 37!

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Big News for Baby!

Onyal the giraffe by Cheryl Crowley

We recently celebrated the birth of the 37th giraffe baby to enter the world here at Safari West. On August 30th our oldest and tallest giraffe, Jamala delivered her seventh calf. This not-so-little little one had some struggles getting here, but with the help of mother and a few dedicated keepers, we eventually welcomed her to the herd. For the last week and a half, this lovely lady has remained nameless as we’ve pondered and debated how best to honor her place in our Safari West family.

Finally, we have it. This baby girl stood six-feet tall and weighed 140-pounds at birth. That’s big even by giraffe standards! Since then she’s only gotten bigger and as her body has grown, so has her attitude. It turns out, this little lady is quite the fireball; something which wound up inspiring her name.

Please join us in welcoming Onya to our vibrant and growing herd. Onya, the Swahili word for “blaze” beautifully captures the spirit and energy of the newest arrival. Come visit Safari West today and join us as we watch Onya learn, grow, and take her place here on the Sonoma Serengeti.

Jared Paddock

Jared Paddock

Safari West staff and conservation writer.

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