Author: Jared Paddock

Safari West staff and conservation writer.

Happy World Elephant Day!

What would the world be like without the majestic elephant? This is a question we hope never to answer and the motivation behind World Elephant Day. Since its inception five years ago,...

August 12, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Safari Spotlight: Taveta Golden Weaver

Each day at Safari West a small army of keepers and groundskeepers crisscross the property. Their activities go largely unnoticed as they trim grass, prune trees, and shear hedges. What...

August 7, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Baby Tarra Joins the Tower!

Happy Birthday! For the second time in 2017, Safari West proudly announces the arrival of a bouncing baby giraffe! Our proud mama and attending keepers welcomed baby Tarra on Wednesday, July 26th. Though she's already...

August 1, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Conservation Corner: Fire on the Mountain

You hear a lot of talk about invasive species. You see signs about them all over these days. Drive anywhere near a lake and you’ll find notices about zebra mussels. Drive through Napa...

July 26, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Introducing Campfire Chats!

An Evening Around the Fire After a day of exploring the Sonoma Serengeti and dinner at the Savannah Café, you might find yourself feeling a bit sleepy. The evening cools and...

August 16, 2017 by Jared Paddock

A Purchase for a Porpoise

Consumer Conservation Step inside the Safari West Gift Gallery and encounter an amazing offshoot of our ongoing conservation mission. Among the t-shirts and toys, geodes and jackets, you’ll find the hard-working...

June 18, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Conservation Corner: The Trouble With Taxonomy

A Brief History of Naming Taxonomy, in its purest form, is simply a system of naming. It’s a scientific card catalog that says what everything is from the blue whale to...

June 18, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Safari Spotlight: The Red Ruffed Lemur

The Latest Lemurs to Land at Safari West! Safari West has long been the proud home of two lemur species: the famous and easily identified ring-tailed lemur, and the more obscure...

June 18, 2017 by Jared Paddock

Safari Spotlight: Snakes in the Grass

Safari West is home to much more than the exotic animals in our collection. The preserve sits on 400-acres of pristine Mayacamas mountain habitat and our giraffes and cape buffalo...

May 10, 2017 by Jared Paddock

An Earth Day for the Ages!

Earth Day 2017 certainly turned out to be one for the record books. Across the nation, concerned citizens and scientists of all stripes came together to March for Science. At...

May 10, 2017 by Jared Paddock


An Earth Day for the Ages!