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Safari West Presents! Friends of Ape Action Africa

Saturday April 7, 2018 | 7:00pm – 8:30pm


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Conservation Dinner Series: Susan Lutter of Friends of Ape Action Africa joins us in the elephant room after dinner to give a talk about Gorillas. The conservation dinner series is complementary to all dinner guests. If you’d do not have a dinner reservation and would like to join, please book here. The conservation dinner series is sponsored by the Safari West Wildlife Foundation (SWWF).

About Susan Lutter:

Putting passion for gorillas to work

Friends‘ founder Susan Lutter first visited Ape Action Africa in 2007, with the objective of seeing first-hand the work being done to save the endangered gorillas of Cameroon.

“I expected to be awed by the animals – and they are amazing – but I was simply overwhelmed by the talent and dedication of the people who are changing their lives for the better.”

She returned home to California, committed to using her business background to help raise awareness and support for the sanctuary. In the decade since that first visit, Susan has reached out to partners who have provided a wide range of funding and materials for the animals, the staff and the communities.

“It is critical to rescue and rehabilitate the orphaned primates, but it is our human behavior that has to change in order to save them in the long run. Ape Action’s work with their neighboring communities is respectful and unflagging, and it is working.”

Friends of Ape Action Africa raises no funds for itself. Any and all work is done at the personal expense of its volunteers, and all revenue raised through various activities is sent straight to Ape Action Africa (via their US 501(c)(3) charity).


Safari West Presents! Friends of Ape Action Africa