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Safari West Presents!International Bird Rescue

Saturday July 9, 2022 | 8:00pm – 8:30pm


Conservation Dinner Series: JD Bergeron of International Bird Rescue joins us in the elephant room after dinner to give a talk about birds. The conservation dinner series is complimentary to all dinner guests.

International Bird Rescue JDAbout the Presenter
JD Bergeron is passionate about birds as indicators of environmental health. He joined International Bird Rescue as its Executive Director in 2015, an opportunity that allowed him to bring together his passion and work experience to benefit wild birds in a changing world. He values integrity, curiosity, and mindfulness in his leadership of 300 staff and volunteers in an organization advancing wildlife conservation through emergency response, rehabilitation, innovative research, and knowledge sharing with peers and the public. Previously, JD served in progressive leadership roles in international development and founded Chooda, a nonprofit incubator helping to inspire change through outdoor adventures that engage individuals with world challenges. JD received his bachelor’s degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, but he counts his time in the Peace Corps, international travels, and a month on Midway Atoll among a million albatrosses as the true lessons of his life.


About International Bird Rescue’s Conservation Work
International Bird Rescue is a global conservation organization for birds in a changing world. Since 1971, Bird Rescue has responded to over 250 oil spills and other wildlife emergencies, caring for more than 160,000 birds on six continents. With crisis response centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anchorage, the organization specializes in emergency preparedness and response, day-to-day aquatic bird care, and scientific research. Innovations are shared worldwide to inspire the next generation of wildlife specialists. Bird Rescue aims to give a voice to waterbirds through conservation, advocacy, and wildlife literacy that builds empathy and encourages action. For more information, please visit www.birdrescue.org