Ocean Photo by Dan Stark on Unsplash

Safari West Presents! Sea Hugger

Saturday October 29, 2022 | 8:00pm – 8:30pm


Conservation Dinner Series:  Sophie Pigman from Sea Hugger joins us in the elephant room after dinner to talk about protecting the marine environment through education and action to reduce plastic in the ocean. The conservation dinner series is complimentary to all dinner guests.

Sophie Pigman from Sea HuggersAbout the Speaker
Our Program Director, Sophie Pigman, utilizes her love for youth education and the ocean in leading Camp Sea Hugger from the curriculum development to day-to-day learning. And she also leads the adults! Sophie coordinates our growing base of volunteers and is truly a get-it-done kind of gal that keeps our programs moving forward! She loves working with kids, and is passionate about helping them grow their connection to nature and expand their curiosity about the natural world. When she isn’t working on conservation efforts, she spends time surfing, exploring the outdoors, and playing with her dogs.