MyCAT Tiger cub

Safari West Presents!MYCAT

Friday July 26, 2019 | 7:00pm – 8:30pm


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Conservation Dinner Series:  Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson of MYCAT joins us in the elephant room after dinner to give a talk about tigers. The conservation dinner series is complementary to all dinner guests. If you do not have a dinner reservation and would like to join, please book here


Tiger MYCATMalaysian Conservation Alliance for Tiger (MYCAT) is the only tiger conservation project where citizen conservationists from around the world can participate directly in field conservation efforts for tigers through Citizen Action for Tiger (CAT) Walks.  CAT Walks protect tigers, bears, elephant, and other amazing Malaysian wildlife through immersive anti-poaching patrols, camera trapping, replanting trees in vital wildlife corridors in the oldest rainforest in the world.

Ashleigh Lutz-Nelson is a wildlife biologist and conservationist, working locally as the Assistant Curator of Carnivores at the San Francisco Zoological Society.  As Secretary for the AZA Felid Taxon Advisory Group, Ashleigh specializes in wild felid care, management, and conservation, and is also passionate human-carnivore community conservation coexistence programs. Inspired by the tigers she has known,  Ashleigh works closely with the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (MYCAT) to save wild tigers through citizen science conservation which she believes to be the future of wildlife conservation.