Welcome to the all-new, all-digital edition of the Safari West you know and love! Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to come to the preserve, so we’ve worked out a way to bring the preserve to you!

Check out our virtual safari options below and discover the many ways you can welcome a bit of the wild into your living room or home office.

You can even invite Nate into your home for a Privately Guided Virtual Safari! 

Nat with Giraffes

How Does This Work? Pretty simple really. Picture yourself virtually here!  You pick your adventure and schedule it with our dedicated digital safari staff. We’ll handle the rest. We can work with just about any of the major videoconferencing platforms (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc). The same rules from our traditional safaris apply to these new virtual ventures. We’ll show you something amazing, but we can’t guarantee specific animals or species will be in the mood to cooperate at the time of your Zoomfari.

We hope to see all of your smiling faces (in thumbnail video anyway) soon!

To Book Email: Zoomfari@SafariWest.com

Happy Hour with the Herd

Invite a safari surprise to your next family or friend get-together!

Running out of things to talk about in your virtual catchups with friends and family? Invite a special guest to the occasion! Nothing spices up the conversation quite like having a giraffe drop by to say hi. This 15-minute encounter includes one or more Safari West species logging on to chew the cud for a while. This is an ambient encounter, with the animal(s) in question mostly kicking back and taking in the scene.

  • $100 for a 15-minute online encounter!
  • Safari West provides streaming, close-up footage of one or more species/animal(s) for a 15 minute meet-up.

Zoomfari in Place

The Great Outdoors, Indoors

Let’s bring some beasts into your boardroom!

Zoom meetings starting to drag? Why not let Safari West have the floor for a few? If your boardroom is turning into a bored-room, we’re standing by to step in and steal the show! We’ll drop into your next get-together to show-and-tell one or more of our amazing animals. We’ll bring the party to you with up-close-and-personal wildlife action and one of our awesome Zoomfari guides!

  • 15-minute presentation (guide interaction) – $150
    • Ask questions, get answers! Learn something new and interesting and make your meeting memorable!
    • 1 or 2 animals/species
  • 30-minute BTS (interactive, several animals) – $250
    • Let’s go see some animals! Twice as long and twice as exciting as your guide tries to cram as much into half an hour as they possibly can!
    • Featuring as many animals as we can track down in the allotted time.

Amari Oasis Aviary Birds